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Functional is a digital consultancy offering professional services in software development, strategy, user experience, design, and engineering.

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Trusted by the Fortune 500 and start-ups


Front end expertise  /  Full service consulting

We work with companies to understand their technology needs as well as their business goals and build applications that drive their businesses.

How we can help

We build and foster long-term relationships so we can design great products and help our customers and partners grow and scale great businesses.

Built from the ground up
If you need a new custom software solution developed for a new business that aligns with your business strategy and goals. We can help.
We modernize business critical apps
If you have existing software that needs to be modernized with additional functionality and a beautiful user interface. We can help.
Transform your business
If you have existing proprietary software but want to know if it can be improved or are interested in spinning it out into its own startup. We can help.

How we work

We invest in long-term relationships so we can design great products and help our customers and partners grow and scale great businesses.

Cutting Edge Technology
At Functional we take pride in developing professional relationships around cutting edge technology.
Trusted Partner
We value customers’ trust by protecting trade secrets and concerning ourselves with your success.

Experience in business and technology

What makes us different

We provide consulting services in software development, product design & strategy.

Functional consultants has over a hundred years of experience across business, technology, design and product development. We have expertise in a wide variety of technologies including Ember, Ember-Data, Firebase's Cloud Firestore, Node, Rails, Ruby, D3 and TypeScript but we can contribute anywhere in your technology and business ecosystem.

Functional consultants have worked with innovative companies across many industries including large scale enterprises such as Yamaha, McGraw-Hill and Scholastic; late-stage startups and unicorns such as Netflix and Stripe; and early-stage startups such as Simplereach, OnFit and BankersEdge.

Functional engineers have lived and worked in countries all around the world, in diverse and multi-cultural environments. From the USA and Haiti, to Japan to EU countries Ireland, Bulgaria, Germany and the United Kingdom.


Having invested in and started numerous businesses over the years I know how important choosing the right partners is key to your success. I trust the people at Functional to deliver for my business.

James Griffith

Angel Investor and CEO at Care

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